Kinetic Development Group Limited

Safety training and education

To implement the Safety Training Regulations for Coal Mines and the Notice of the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety Supervision on Carrying out Safety Training and Improvement for Coal Mines and Promoting the Quality Improvement of Coal Mine Employees, the Group has formulated the Training Management Regulations, Internal Trainer Management Regulations and Practical Training Management Measures (Trial) to improve the Group’s safety training system, clarify the responsibility for safety trainings at all levels and establish a mechanism for the selecting and motivating internal trainers, so as to provide a fundamental guarantee for comprehensively enhancing the comprehensive quality of employees.

The Group conducted 1,092 safety trainings throughout the year, covering 1,281 participants and lasting more than 1,100 hours. The training topics mainly involved general management training, talent plan training, technical personnel assessment, practical training, division of labor training, department employee safety training, skill rating, professional skills competition, etc.

The Group has established the One Staff, One File system for safety training, and implements a safety training program every term to standardize safety training and education. All employees of the Group are required to conduct pre-job safety knowledge training before they report duty. To enhance the safety awareness of employees, the Group organizes training for employees every year, holds regular work safety meetings, issues safety reminders before work every day, so that employees can keep in mind the safety risks and precautions of their posts. In 2023, the Group insisted on strengthening itself with skills by focusing on improving the quality of its employees and enhancing their safe operation skills. Throughout the year, the Group organized 45 practical assessments for technical personnel, 27 generalmanagement trainings, 10 trainings for talents planning personnel, 19 specific work process trainings, skill rating and technical competition for seven types of work (229 person-times), and organized participation in two municipal and banner-level vocational skills competitions. The departments organized 52 batches of trainings for employees (853 sessions) and 144 hands-on practical skills training sessions throughout the year, and conducted operation process test to 2,866 people. As of 2023, 21 senior workers and 65 intermediate workers have been selected. The Group also won three awards of the Jungar Banner Technical Competition Excellence Award and two awards of Ordos City Technology Competition Excellence Awards.

With a view to ensuring the specificity of safety training, engineering technicians and management personnel carried out special trainings focusing on topics such as “Special Training on ‘Three Violations’”, “Installation and Maintenance of Belt Conveyor”, “Prevention and Control of Coal Mine Dust”, “Six Major Defects of Welding”, “Monitoring on Mine Pressure”, “Basic Knowledge of Hydraulic Support”, “Roadway Tunneling Technology”, “Safety and Occupational Hazards Management in Coal Processing Plant”, “Management System of Safety Production Standardization”, “Special Training on Safety Awareness Enhancement”, “One Ventilation and Three Preventions for the Coal Mine”, “Construction and Acceptance of Shaft Engineering”, “Coal Mine Geology — Fault Related Concepts and Classification of Their Geometric Relationships with Related Structures”. The training for production team focused on Habitual “Three Violations” Management, Position Operation Process, Position Safety Production Responsibility, Safety Operation Procedures, and Self-help, Mutual-aid and Emergency Rescue, Mining Machinery Operation, Operation of Excavators, Operation of Electrogas Welding, Operation of Anchor Machines and other topics to carry out safety training.

The Group carried out the Safe Production Month campaign with the theme of “Everyone pays attention to safety and knows how to deal with emergencies” throughout the mine in 2023 which included the kickoff ceremony and pledge ceremony of the Safe Production Month, monthly accidents and hidden danger investigation activities, seminars on safety knowledge (the new Production Safety Law and the new Coal Mining Safety Regulations, the seminar on unsafe behaviors, hazardous and educational trainings for employees, safety consultation days and safety knowledge quizzes, emergency drill activities, the 9th “Safety and Health Cup (安康盃)” knowledge contest, etc. The “Safe Production Month” campaign comprehensively improved all employees’ awareness of safety and responsibility, strengthened the safety management of mines, and laid a solid foundation for safe production throughout the year.