Company Profile
Kinetic Mines and Energy Limited (“Kinetic Mines’ or the Group” was incorporated in Cayman Island in July 2010.  Its shares were listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock code #1277) in March 2012
The Group is an integrated coal enterprise.  Its activities cover the whole coal industry chain from coal production and through coal loading and transportation, all the ways to coal trading.
The Group’s vision is to become a leading integrated coal provider in China

Coal Resources
Kinetic Mines focuses on developing the Dafanpu Coal Mines.  The Dafanpu Coal Mines is an underground mine located in Zhunge’er Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, China, occupying a concession area of approximately 9.6KM2
As at 31 December 2019, the Dafanpu Coal Mine has coal resources of approximately 413.5 million tonnes, comprising 109.1 million tonnes of Measured Coal Resources and 247.8 million tonnes of Indicated Coal Resources and 56.6 million tonnes of Inferred Coal Resources.  Estimated Coal Reserves are approximately 164.6 million tonnes, comprising 30.7 million of Proven Coal Reserves and 133.9 million tonnes of Probable 
The Group has 30-years mining rights of the Dafanpu Coal Mines, and they are renewable upon application with the relevant PRC authorities prior to their expiration in November 2039. 

Coal production 
The Group strikes high efficiency and safety in coal mining.
The Group currently adopts a new mining technology of top coal carving which allows mining a full height of coal seams at one time, replaced the original top coal caving technology of mining coal seams in 2 coal-layers at a time, it enables the Group’s mining efficiency leading in the industry. Attributing to the Dafanpu’s comprehensive mechanization in production, the optimized structure of the Group’s production workforce, the Group’s staff costs always maintain at a low level in the industry. Furthermore, a washing plant with 5 million tonnes annual capacity is constructed in the Dafanpu Coal Mines.   
Besides, the Group’s owns 45% equity in Xiaojia station and its associated spur lines. Xiaojia Station is about 1200 metres north of the industrial square of the Dafanpu Coal Mines; the geographical area is advantageous and convenient.  The average handling capacity for Xiaojia station is approximately 5,000 tonnes per hour.  It enables the Group to transport the self-produced coal and coal procured from third parties to Qinhuangdao via Nanping Rail Line and Datong-Qinhuangdao Rail Line, satisfies the logistic demands for the Group’s continuous growth in the coal sales and trading business. 
The Group has developed a coal trading centre in Qinhuangdao. Coal prices at Qinhuangdao port are higher than pithead coal prices of Inner-Mongolia.  Through increasing the average selling price quoted at the Qinhuangdao port, the gross profit margin grows significantly. Furthermore, the Group directly participates in the coal trading business; keep abreast of trends in price fixing, marketing and transportations, technology, safety and management in order to strengthen profitability and efficiency, which consolidates the Groups leading position in the coal industry.  In June 2019, the “Second Port” business of Zhuhai Gaolan Port of the Group has officially kicked off, further improving the Group's sales layout.  

Honors & Awards
By leveraging its strong competitive edge,Kinetic Energy is frequently recognized by the capital market and the industry.
Dafanpu Coal Mine was accredited the highest rating of 府连续。y tA MineeghesZhunge’er Energy Bureau for five consecutive years
Dafanpu Coal Mine was accredited “Class A Safety and Quality Standardized Mine (Second Batch) by the State Administration of Work Safety of the PRC (SAWS) and National Coal Mine Safety Administration
In May 2019, Dafanpu Coal Mine was awarded the title of “Super Safe and Efficient Mines in 2016 - 2017” by China National Coal Association.
In July 2019, Dafanpu Coal Mine was officially approved as “Green mines” in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
The Group’s Subsidiaries – Kinetic (Qinhuangdao) Energy Co., Ltd. was awarded as “Annual Star Enterprise” by the Government of Beidaihe District for five consecutive years.