Development Strategy
Looking forward to 2022, the new variants of COVID-19 and the escalation of geopolitical conflicts will continue to disrupt the economic recovery and the pressure of inflation continues to rise. The world economy will face many challenges. According to the Global Economic Prospects report issued by the World Bank in January 2022, it is expected that the global economic growth will decrease from 5.5% in 2021 to 4.1% in 2022, and the economic growth is entering a period of significant slowdown. The Chinese government is expected to adhere to the precise prevention and control of the pandemic, firmly implement the strategy of expanding domestic demand, maintain support for the real economy, and strive to stabilize the macro-economy.

In terms of coal market, it is expected that the relaxation of industrial power and real estate policies in 2022 will continue to support the demand for coal. As the effect of the coal supply guarantee policy gradually becomes apparent, the industry may show a pattern of growth in both supply and demand, and return to the balance between supply and demand from supply tension. It is expected that the coal price will drop, but the overall coal price will remain at a relatively high level. Coupled with the production expansion under the supply guarantee policy, the leading coal enterprises are expected to maintain growth.

Looking forward to 2022, the Group will continue to implement the development concept of both safety and efficiency, further implement the refined operation strategy, strictly control coal quality from the source to the sales terminal, continue to optimize the diversified sales model, flexibly adjust the sales pace and strategy, and continue to improve the Group’s operating efficiency. At the same time, the Group will accelerate strategic mergers and acquisitions, seek progress while maintaining stability, grow bigger and stronger, and reward shareholders with excellent results.